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Oblong Fire Dapartment's Current Roster

601 Phil  Mendenhall Fire Chief
602 Mike  Munson Asst. Chief
603   Ron Jennings  
604   Jamee Huber  
605   Chris Dhom  
606   Kelly  Davis  
609   Brett Anderson  
610   Chris Harris  
611   John Neeley  
612   Tony Madlem  
613   Brett Neeley  
614   Randy Stevenson  
615   Nick Dart  
616   Jim Anderson  
617   Jack  Cunningham
618   Earl  Deckard  
619   Scott Dunlap  
620   Gary Lanter  
621   David Price  
622   Jay Haines  
623   Ron Hinterscher  
624   Randy Rich  
625   Travis Smith  
626   Kip Davis  
627   Dewayne Alexander  
643   Jeremy  Ping  


Past Firemen and Trustee Roster

Howard (Mutt) Perrine
Dick Kirk
Sylvan Cross
Wilfred Cross
Nolan Bailey (former chief)
Lloyd (Konk) McMillen
Phil McMillen
Frank Purcell
Lorel Parker
Enos Bloom
Charles (Tubby) Bloom (former chief)
Phil Boyd
Mark Ikemire
Chuck Tuel
Don Maus (trustee)
Clarence (Cy) Perkins
Bob Lanter
Hubert Seaney
Mark Stone
Terry Legg
Mike Murray
Mark Kintner
Howard Bilew
Mike Hoke
Dean Dart (presently a trustee)
Ora Price (trustee)
Eldon Skaggs (trustee)
George Whiston Jr.(trustee)
Ward Cortelyou (died in the line of duty)
Albert Shinn
John Watts
Cliff Towels
Roger Teets
Jerry Shaw
Charlie Hoke Jr
Dick McGee
Jerry Kidwell
Jon Dart
Roger Deeter
Randy Nave
Ed Melher
Brian Maus
Colby Neeley
Jason Littlejohn
Dave Krick Jr.
    Oblong Fire

Mission Statement of the Oblong Fire Department:

To protect the lives and property of the residents of the
Oblong Fire District and to assist them
when any misfortune, whether natural or manmade befalls them.



Call "911" To Report A Fire