Council Minutes and Agenda's


September 3, 2003

The Village Board of Trustees met in regular session on September 3rd, 2003, in the Farley Room of the Municipal Building.

Members Present: Mayor Keith Waldrop, Clerk Ladora Boyd, Trustee Bill Hatch, Trustee Bonnie Finn, Trustee Jack Gallion, Trustee Carole Jones, Trustee Sherry Catt, Trustee Debi Wilson and Treasurer Jan Miller.

Others Present: Public Works Superintendent Gary Lanter, Police Chief Chad Pusey, Tom Compton (Daily News), Gerald Adams, Charlotte Cannon (Oblong Gem), Shannon Woodard, Melody Woods, Patrol Officer Bill Rutan, Susie Tracy, Sara (Hill) Brotherton, Mindy (Hill) Miller and Margaret White.

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Waldrop.

2. The Regular Meeting minutes of August 6th were approved with a motion by Sherry and a second by Debi. All ayes, motion carried.

3. There were two additions to the agenda this month. Mr. Adams and Mrs. Brotherton asked to be added to the agenda.

4. There were two delinquent water bill customers at the meeting this month. Melody Woods asked for an extension on her water bill until October 1st. Margaret White asked for an extension on her water bill until September 12th. Both extensions were granted by the board.

5. Mr. Adams came before the board to ask for an extension on moving his cows, pigs and chickens out of the Village limits of 30 days. Motion by Sherry, with a second by Bill, to grant an extension until October 1st. Ayes: Bill, Bonnie, Carole, Sherry, Debi. Abstain: Jack. Motion carried. Mr. Adams stated that he had another question. His question was what the Village was going to do about the rest of the illegal animals that are in the Village limits. Mr. Adams made a complaint that all illegal animals should be removed from the Village limits. There was some discussion and the decision was postponed until next month. The mayor appointed Debi Wilson, Jack Gallion and Bill Hatch to look into the illegal animals in the Village limits.

6. Mrs. Brotherton came before the board as a representative for her father, Bob Hill. She stated that her father was told that his horse was grandfathered in. The horse is locate at the northeast side of the Village. Mrs. Brotherton and Mrs. Miller asked that the board would consider to make an exception in that this is the same horse that was grandfathered in. Carole stated that she did not have a problem with this particular case.

7. Shannon came before the Board to give a update on the water tower project. Shannon stated that the foundation for the water tower will be started next week pending on the weather and also that Krick would start laying line for the emergency hook-up next week weather permitting. Shannon suggested that the Board should start thinking about a logo and color for the water tower.

8. Motion by Carole, with a second by Debi, to adopt Ordinance #2003-0-458 "Tax Levy". All ayes, motion carried.

9. The Village Board looked over insurance bids for the employee group health and decided on two companies to present to the employees at their meeting Friday, September 5th at 10 am. The Board will then make a decision on Tuesday, September 9th at 5:15 pm.

10. The Board gave permission to the Crawford County Shrine to use the 4-way stop to pass out their newsletter.

11. Under Mayor's Comments: a.) Oldies in the Park on September 13th. Car Cruise-in.

b.) Keith stated that the old water meter truck was sold.

c.) Keith stated that he would not be in town at the next board meeting. He stated that Debi would be in charge at the next board meeting.

d.) Keith stated that there are some abandoned building in the Village that need to be taken care of. The Buildings are located on South Range Street, East Indiana Street and East Alabama Street. Motion by Debi, with a second by Sherry, for the Chief to give the property owners 30 day notice to either fix up and tear down the buildings on their property. All ayes, motion carried.

e.) Keith stated that Ladora, Jan, Debi and himself will be attending the IML Conference in Chicago on September 18th, 19th and 20th.
f.) Keith stated that his next Mayor's Association meeting will be September 27th.

g.) Keith stated that the auditor suggested a bookkeeping change in paying a water employee's salary. The board decided that the water employee will no longer be paid out of the general fund, instead he will be paid out of the water fund.

12. The treasurer's report was given by Jan. Jan stated that all the trustees had a copy of the bids on the CD's that came due last month after the August 5th Board Meeting. (See attached copy.) Motion by Debi, with a second by Carole, to accept Casey State Bank's bid of 2%. All ayes, motion carried.

13. Motion by Sherry, with a second by Debi, to pay the bills that were on the voucher and any utility bills, bills that will incur a late charge or reimbursements to employees. All ayes, motion carried.

14. Reports of Committees:

A. Police: Carole said that everyone had a copy of the monthly police report. Carole stated that graduation for full-time officers Pine and Avery will be September 18th at 2 pm. September 12th there will be a class on Anhydrous Ammonia in Robinson. Officer Pine and Officer Avery are in the top 90% of the academy.

B. Buildings and Park: Sherry stated that she had received some nice comments from campers out at the park. Sherry is getting information together for bids on the rest room up at the Mini Park.

C. Sidewalks and Lights: Gary stated that he had received a complaint about water standing on the sidewalk in front of the Masonic Lodge. He stated that he would take a look and see if while his department is doing some sidewalk repairs in that area if the could saw out a section of the sidewalk and slope it a different way to see if that would help the situation.

D. Street and Alley: Gary stated that he had a couple of bids for a new salt spreader. The board gave Gary permission to purchase the model he thinks will best suit the needs of the Village.

E. Water and Sewer: Gary stated that there had been a major water leak on East Indiana Street on September 1st. Gary stated that this was the worst leak the Village had in a couple of years.

F. Finance: Everything has already been discussed.

15. Keith asked if there was any other business. It was mentioned that Jan and Ladora will be attending a SEICTA regional meeting in Effingham on September 25th. Gary mentioned that he had received an invitation to an open house sponsored by Schulte Supply. Gary stated that he will sent Jason and Rick this year, since Travis and him went last year.

16. At 8:35 a motion by Jack, with a second by Bill, to continue the meeting on September 9th at 5:15 pm . All ayes, motion carried.

September 9th reconvened meeting -

17. The meeting started at 5:15 pm. Those attending were Mayor Keith Waldrop, Clerk Ladora Boyd, Trustee Bill Hatch, Trustee Bonnie Finn, Trustee Carole Jones and Trustee Debi Wilson.

18. There was some discussion on the group health insurance bids. It was decided that the board would not make a decision until getting back a truer estimates from American Medical Security and StarMark. There will be a Special Board Meeting to make the decision on September 24th at 5:15 pm.

19. Motion by Debi, with a second by Bonnie to adjourn at 5:30 pm. 4 ayes, motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ladora Boyd, Clerk