October 19th, 2004
12 pm (Noon)

Present: Chairperson Jack Gallion, Trustee Debi Wilson, Trustee Bill Hatch, Mayor Keith Waldrop and Police Chief Chad Pusey.

Pine stated that practice ammo is costing him $400.00 per year. Randy practices weekly, but, the officers only need to qualify every six months. Suggest was made that the officers be allotted 2 boxes of ammo a month at a cost of $8.00 per box. Have Randy get the approval from Chad, also the ammo from Chad. Chad will purchase ammo from Wal*Mart. Randy and Kristin can request ammo from Chad. 25 rounds per officer. 2 boxes of ammo per month when needed.

Class action suit against Ford. Ford fixed the rear ends of the autos. We can opt out of the action, or we will no longer be able to purchase any Ford products.



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