Village of Oblong

April 6, 2005

I. Meeting called to order

II. Present regular board meeting minutes of March 2nd, 2005 for approval

III. Additions or deletions to the agenda

IV. Water Bill Questions

V. Charlie Dorn (Durnill’s Pest Control)

VI. Connie Ames - Connie’s Cut & Curl

VII. Ordinance #2005-0-479 “An Ordinance to Amend Chapter 24, Motor Vehicle Code, Article III - Stop and Through Streets, Section 24-3-3 of the Revised Code of Ordinances of Oblong, Illinois”

VIII. Resolution #05-2 “A Corporate Resolution”

IX. Mayor's Comments:

X. Treasurer's Report

XI. Payment of Bills

XII. Reports of Committees:

A. Police

B. Building & Park

C. Sidewalks & Lights

D. Street & Alley

E. Water & Sewer

F. Finance

XIII. Executive Session - Personnel

XIV. Ordinance #2005-0-480 “Payroll Ordinance”

XV. Adoption of Proposed Budget

XVI. Other items of business

XVII. Adjournment

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