Village of Oblong


March 9th, 2004
10 am

Present: Chairperson Jack Gallion, Trustee Debi Wilson, Trustee Bill Hatch, Mayor Keith Waldrop and Police Chief Chad Pusey.

The committee was informed by Chief Pusey that Officer Pine has volunteered to be the Easter Bunny at the Ridgeview Easter Egg Hunt. The committee also went over the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2006. Some of the changes were as follows: an increase to the health insurance (almost $10,000); and a decrease to the IML/RMA insurance (the amount is based on 27% of the total amount). Budgeted in Major Projects is $1,000.00 for new officer computer. One of the squad cars will need new tires in FY2006. Capital Outlay: $1,629 for our portion of grant for car computers; $2,000 for IWIN for online ability in 2 cars; $1,000 for installing computers in the squad cars; $1,000 for possible needs. The total budget figure is less than last years.

The committee decided to present the budget as it stands now.



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