Village of Oblong


May 7 th, 2008

I. Meeting Called to Order

II. Present Regular Board Meeting Minutes of April 2 nd, 2008, and Special Board Meeting Minutes of April 16 th, 2008, for approval

III. Additions or Deletions to the Agenda

IV. Water Bill Questions

V. Carol Wagner - Village Tap

VI. Alex Walker - usage of the Park for a flea market

VII. 4-Way Stop – Children’s Miracle Network (May 24 th or 31 st from 8 am to 12 pm [noon])

VIII. Park Request – Antique Tractor and Engine Club (August 7 th - 10 th)

IX. Park/Lake Request - Relay for Life (Fishing Rodeo)

X. Resolution #2008-R-3 “Resolution to Commit $26,000.00 for the Village of Oblong’s Portion of the Route 33 Project”

XI. Ordinance #2008-O-506 “An Ordinance in Relation to Motor Vehicle Parking”

XII. Ordinance #2008-O-507 “An Ordinance in Prohibiting the Discharge of Sanitary Sewage and Industrial Waste Water into the Storm Sewer or Drainage Facility Constructed with Improvement of Illinois Route 33, in the Village of Oblong, Crawford County, Illinois”

XIII. Ordinance #2008-O-508 “An Ordinance Regulating Encroachment on Public Right of Way in the Village of Oblong, Crawford County, Illinois”

XIV. IDOT Agreement and Plan Approval

XV. TIF – 1. Covenants 2. Mowing 3.Reimbursement request for Roger Colmark

XVI. Grant of Easement to Fairpoint Communications

XVII. Humane Society Request for Funding

XVIII. Mayor’s Comments:

XIX. Reports of Committees:

A. Police

B. Building & Park

C. Sidewalks & Lights

D. Street & Alley

E. Water & Sewer

F. Finance

XX. Payment of Bills

XXI. Other Items of Business

XXII. Adjournment



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