Village of Oblong

November 6, 2013 Minutes

The Village of Oblong Board of Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, November 6th, 2013, in the Farley Room of the Municipal Building.

Members Present: Mayor Randy Rich, Clerk Ladora Boyd, Trustee Rick Catt,
Trustee Joe Campanella, Trustee Jay Haines, Trustee Ken Russell, Trustee Tony Madlem, Trustee Debi Wilson and Treasurer/Deputy Clerk Jan Miller.

Others Present: Police Chief Chad Pusey, Public Works Superintendent Gary Lanter, Tom Compton (Daily News), Chris Forde (WTYE/WTAY), Lou Ann Baker (Oblong Gem), Nick Hinterscher, Margo Riker, Oblong Township Road Commissioner Jerry Ping and Mike McReynolds.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Rich; with everyone standing and saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Regular Board Meeting minutes of October 2nd, 2013 were approved with a motion by Rick and a second by Tony. All ayes, motion carried.

There were no additions or deletions to the agenda this month.

There was one Water Bill customer at this month’s meeting. Mike Mc Reynolds asked if he could pay his water bill in two (2) installments. The Board granted his request.

Nick Hinterscher came before the Board to ask if the taverns could stay open an additional hour on November 27th. The Board granted his request.

Motion by Tony, with a second by Jay, to approve payment to A. J. Walker Construction Co, Pay Estimate #4 for $195,114.27. All ayes, motion carried.

Motion by Ken, with a second by Debi, to approve payment to Connor & Connor, Inc, Engineering Fees of $13,821.25. All ayes, motion carried.

Margo Riker came to the meeting to ask about the progress on the North Range Street Project. Gary stated that the current phase should be completed by mid next week and then construction will be suspended until next spring when the weather is good.

Tony stated that there have been two (2) applications turned in requesting TIF grant money. Tony stated that there were some questions about the amount of money available. Motion by Tony, with a second by Rick, to table the awarding of money until the questions has been answered. All ayes, motion carried.

Jerry Ping came before the Board to ask if the Village would be willing to pay for some of the cost of repairs to the road that is and will be used for a detour route during the construction on North Range Street. Jerry showed the Board a list of the cost so far, which was $11,376.76. He stated that there will be at least an additional amount of $3,500.00. There was some discussion on this issue. Motion by Rick, with a second by Joe, that the Village will pay half of the repair cost for the road that is being used for the detour route. All ayes, motion carried.

Randy stated that the VFW has requested to use the 4-way stop on November 9th from 8 am to 12 pm for “Poppy Day”. The Board granted their request.

Randy stated that he had received a letter from the Village Attorney, Frank Weber. In the letter, Frank suggested that the Village wait at least a year before entering into new franchise at this time. Rick stated that in reading the Communication Act of 1934, as Amended, Title VI Cable Communications Sec.626.Renewal (a)(1). There is a 6-month period which begins with the 36th month before the expiration of the current franchise agreement, which the public can bring their items of concerns about the cable company to the Board. Randy stated that he would get with Frank and see what the Village needs to do for this.

Mayor’s Comments:
a. Randy stated that the Fall Follies (October 26th) went well and that the Parade went off with only a few minor hitches. He also wanted to commend the Oblong Community Service Club and everyone who helped with the Fall Follies this year.

b. Randy mentioned that the two (2) larger speakers did help with the sound quality of the speaker system. Randy stated that John Provines is working up a proposal for what the cost will be to replace the small speakers with larger ones.

12. Reports of Committees:

Police: Joe read the monthly report for October. Chad will have ILEAS Training on November 12th & 13th in Champaign.

Building and Park: Debi stated that the guys are working on the leaves out at the Park. Debi stated that there is still an issue with a water leak on the south side of the Municipal Building. It is being looked into some more.

Sidewalks and Lights: Jay stated that he had nothing to report this month.

Street and Alley: Tony stated that he had nothing to report this month except for what had already been discussed about the North Range Street Project. Gary stated that his department has been doing some patch work between the existing streets and the North Range Street Project.

Water and Sewer: Ken stated that the committee had met on October 17th, to discuss the possibility of raising the billing rate and the final bill fee. The committee should have some figures by the next Board Meeting. Gary and Travis have training on November 19th in Champaign.

Finance: Rick stated that Butch & Debbie Knicley have signed over the building at 112 West Main Street, to the Village; so that the Village may recoup some of the Revolving Loan money that the Knicleys owed.

Development: Tony stated that he had nothing to report this month.

Payment of Bills: Motion by Tony with a second by Ken, to pay the bills that were on the warranty list and any utility bills, bills that will incur a late charge or reimbursements to employees. Five (5) ayes, motion carried.

14. There were no other items of business this month. There was a question asked about when the new grocery store will be opened. Randy stated that there are items on the shelves, but still needs some work completed before the Health Department will give their okay.

15. Motion by Rick, with a second by Jay, to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 pm. All ayes, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted



Ladora Boyd, Clerk