Village of Oblong

September 4, 2002

1. Meeting called to order

2. Present board meeting minutes of August 7th for approval

3. Additions or deletions to the agenda

IV. Delinquent Water Bills

V. Oblong Chamber of Commerce

VI. Health Insurance - Trish Moore (Pekin) & Amy Tarr (Country Companies)

VII. TowerLink America, LLC Contract

VIII. Adoption of Ordinance #2002-0-443 "Simplified Municipal Telecommunications Tax"

IX. Adoption of Ordinance #2002-0-444 "Tax Levy"

XI. Adoption of Resolution #02-4 "Homecoming Parade Permit"

XII. Adoption of Resolution #02-5 "Halloween Parade Permit"

XIII. Mayor's Comments:

XIV. Treasurer's Report

XV. Payment of Bills

XVI. Reports of Committees:

A. Police

B. Building & Park

C. Sidewalks & Lights

D. Street & Alley

E. Water & Sewer

F. Finance

XVII. Other items of business

XVIII. Adjournment



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February 6, 2002
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